Adding an admin interface

    What then is the next progression in writing one's own CMS/Blog engine for whatever the joy? That was the question that was running at the back of my head as I sat down watching the oddly timed rains in the evening.

Until last week, I had been using couple of modes to create new posts, in terms of decreasing orders of pain - adding markdown files manually committed to the repository and using Github's web interface to create a new post from the drafts.

So what could be heavy lifted here being the thought, sat down a while back to write an admin interface of sorts with a minimal composer interface that has a live preview mode in a split panel. Should say, so far so very good this one looks.

Once done for the version 1 of this addition, this should be able to pick the posts, create new markdown files, commit them with a new post commit message to the repo, and push it with the existing credentials. There might be a minor discomfort though IIRC, with the keys so that, when it gets to that.

In addition, this should also allow for loading existing posts for editing/updating given the existing loader flow.For v2, a good to have would be a nice versioning system that probably can make use of the existing git history tree instead of depending on a database for it. Let me see how this goes.

[ PS: Wrote this as a draft a handful of weeks backs and work the infamous vortex pulled me in as always. So, here goes this post rather later than it was intended to, with some additional fixes to the build[system] ]