A sullen wrap and a long dragging strap

The start to the weekend opens up with breaking the early schedules and this one somehow did not feel bad the way it happened. What did however feel weird, was how the entirety wrapped up, late in the evening.

A certain sense of remorse over what has been lost over the years, my dogged sticking to things that have yet to come to fruition which lay at the heart of some of those losses, has gotten rekindled.

Being reminded of how one has gotten disconnected from all that one has always held dear is a painful thought, or so my mind says at times. As the Hindi saying goes, na ghar ka na ghat ka, a human gains less in the long run giving up on where the heart is, lesser even, in terms of peace.

Be that as it may, nothing is getting one what's lost in terms of time; or as some say opportunity cost, and as yet others would, value of unit time, ironically. So, spent the last couple of hours fixing a few things that have been pending for a long time now; primary, the DigitalOcean API client upgrade to support Python3 primarily.

And as I jot this down, I'm about quarter of an hour behind my schedule to crash, so as I hope that the next one doesn't get delayed, a figment of the mind says, a positive note, that can push things forward tad bit. The games they play with the human in fray.