Of a meandering monk, boggy roads that get sunk, and such

The beauty of ascertaining issues that are sporadic is their providing sensible defaults. Odd word choice in a sense, but I've come to agree that a sensible default take with firefighting is calm. Add to that, a singular focus.

The redis cache issue we had got solved over the weekend thanks to switching to a newer hosted Redis infra on AWS. Now, that raises another question - do we know what the RC was?

Sad enough, the answer is a resounding no. But, that is where the dichotomy comes up for pondering, imo. Given my focus is to introduce methods into the madness of speed, and add ways to scale, does makes sense for now.

I did get bit a bit by the wandering spirits, I should say, straying well into territories that aren't for the day. Good thing though, some runs are short lived, all thanks to the body that can't cope up.

A good new task ahead looking at me, to sit with from scratch and build the way up - don't I love this as much? And once there's something in place, let me hope the rest of the giant mammoth that needs a shave, gets it.