Of a missing thread and some more

A couple of years back someone has suggested in a seemingly concerned tone that a good schedule would do me a lot of good.

The irony was not in the suggestion, not the least in how I could deal with it. It lay in who did. Fast forward to today and I am reminded of a certain context from bhagavad Gita.

In one of the statements Krishna makes, he says even the least of beings would mock you leaving the war front. Ramanuja while commenting on this explains capable and incapable of beings (समर्थानि असमर्थानि च भूतानि).

Quiet reminiscent I should say of my situation when I got the suggestion about fixing my work life balance.

Who would have thought, a human who has never been in my shoes battling depression, dealing with familial systems falling apart, being pulled out of all support systems, suggest in an offhanded manner, to fix things.

But it is precisely where the lesson comes knocking; a certain Karna mocking an Arjuna leaving the ground on grounds of compassion;.

Be that as it may, that pushes me to do a few things. Is it right on my part to stick to an environment that which has in essence drained my essence.

And I sincerely hope that is not one of those rants that usually come about during an empty weekend staring at walls pondering at life that has gone by. Worse, yet another where no action comes about.

With that I attempt to break the hiatus, the fighting for causes but I might see the fruits of, dead. Alongside I hope I carry myself through this endeavour of mine.