Of a pendulum, sugar cube, and such

The good thing about early starts is how well paced they can be with bumping productivity. There isn't a lot of proclivity at the current place (earlier one wasn't great either, let me be honest) towards it. But, what it makes up for more than enough is the kind of osmosis that I tend to consider a bedrock for a boost.

A day starting on odd notes about weird choices by people ends with weird actions by frameworks. The best part is the kind of bouncing back of ideas and TILs that tend to happen quite often.

A good part of the day went to extending out on certain bottlenecks identified last evening. Now that some of it gets sorted as a mental model, focus shifted a bit towards sanity in general with code. As I mentioned here, a lot missing. But, that's a good enough space to start -- a clean slate if one may.

What I fear though, is the bandwidth to introduce structure for scaling out better. Or worse, people imbibing the ethos that gets the need for it. Would not consider this an uphill task if this were the only one on the plate. Looking at interesting problems ahead for the quarter, the question does loom ahead.

But, all said and done, that I guess should be a good road to take; be it planning it out, or taking things and people along. After all, the conscious decision to learn again made, what else could be a thing to work on?