Of an awkwardly confusing path, maximum traversals, and such

At long last, a whole 10 days after I started, got to committing code again with the new code base today. What's still something that's a thorn in the flesh, so to speak, is the complete lack of documentation at code.

Not to construe in an acerbic manner, but the lack of structure is something that does slow things down. At times, a little too much, today's change set for an example. With no clear line of flow for the recent haphazard[sic] additions for a PoC, my coffee drains have increased.

For someone who had for a good long while given up caffeine in all forms, this is a stark change; a gauge of the metrics. What's hopeful amidst all this is the scope still to do a lot of revamp. After all, as they say of the bottom of a pit, the only direction then is upwards. A question does linger, about the bandwidth I'd get to structure things and put some order in.

That left aside, this was an interesting day for a couple of other reasons. TIL, about the tus protocol. [here]. We're working on a way to let users resume media uploads, assuming something went south midway. Kevin Swiber put up a discussion on it a couple of days back. [here]. Not to mention, his suggesting I take a look at Tus itself, which I forgot, much like as always, I hear myself say.

On to another, but awkward situation was the question of Golang's package manager. Having in the past depended on a package or two at max and using go get over a bash wrapper, 'twas an odd one sure. And, assuming I choose to pick up Golang to contribute in the future, I ask what's a good choice - get? dep? What do you prefer?