Of an oddly timed sprain, another silly brain, and such

Where the point of silver lining comes up, there is a certain thread of discomfort that wishes to be undone. Be it physical, mental, or otherwise, the theme does run undisturbed, in a sense.

The last few weekends got drained over a wilful not wanting to get out or do a thing, this one, tad different yet the same. Waking up post 9 has become a frequent pattern of late, more so with timings at the new place. But, when it pushes to beyond noon, that's awkward for a lot of reasons.

A forced waking up by a call post lunch and not being able to move around thanks to revisiting sprain sucks. Interesting enough is how it has worked on itself since the last a week back, on its intensity. Now, that, I can learn a thing or two from - not giving up and working on progress.

Silly parallels aside, a double whammy's something Murphy's friend in my mind expects. Lo! there exist on surprises with this one. We've had an odd production issue over the last few days and as much I'd like to drop down and sit with, sapped much. For once, I am split between chipping in and resting my too bad a drained body.

Redis (or is it passport after all?) somehow seems to drop sessions at random and we're unsure what/who's the culprit. Now I guess my health has good company in flaring up at random. And all that means I somehow push myself to sit through the night - no complaints now around, I presume.