Of another down in the dumps, certain searching bumps, and more

Searching for a good news app, ended up discovering what never crossed the radar until now. here. Ended up playing around with a few (downloaded a few more, hope to get a picture soon) but no good leads thus far.

What was of particular interest was Newspoint; awkward might be a good choice I guess. Now, take it in any wrong sense what I'm about to say.

If you are in the iOS land, this is an alien world to you but the Android folk might be aware. Ever noticed a new browser app and whenever you click on a link every browser wishes for it to be the default? Like a shy a teen (albeit, a little different here, obvious), asking someone out through another?

While it does make sense for a browser to want to handle your links, why a news app would want to, I cannot quite fathom.

For those unaware of how this works, when an app gets built, one registers with Android, the kind of links it'd handle. With crisp, we used to handle tenreads.io (our old name), getcrisp.news/.. and such.

Stepping aside, it does look an innocuous mistake on the developer's part, but let me think of the extreme for a bit. What if my bank sends me a link to reset my password, with a session token for the activity? Would/should the app get access because in is at the start of all icons and I end up tapping on it?

Might sound out of proportion, but for someone who's always thrived on edge cases, cannot avoid it. After all, the rarest of rare events, with a significant enough an impact, is bound to dent hard, does it not?

That odd note aside, the quest for a news app with clean interface/experience/summary lives.