Of hidden gems and unforeseen shovels

The best part of a day with visiting sinusitis has been discovering stuff. Stuff that I've been running behind for ages now. Sort of a holy grail if that rings a bell.

Sat down late in the afternoon with an APM setup from last evening, trying to understand the API surface. After all, ought to get the picture of a well before one dives right in.

My! what a wonderful liberating feeling in letting someone take care of your own messy work. I now understand how some might have felt, when I lugged their shit around.

Jokes aside, spawning a CRUD server to understand the Kibana APM flow helped with more than that.

For starters, if you've seen my old work, you'd be aware of my one long "won't fix" issue with Mongoengine in the days of yore.

Appears, Mongo now allows for a {returnNewDocument: true} with the Collection::findOneAndUpdate call. Since when, I have no idea and ought to dive in. And with that, Mordor might get resuscitated after all, for OSS work seems to help people a lot.

In all, a decent learning day the third one has been. APM, Mordor, and dogfooding [btw, who named it this!] stuff to figure the flow ahead to work with; wraps up well.