Of hollow, brazen towers that tend to scale high

aNNAvappa~NgAr's episode about Swami desikan and peria AccAn piLLai is chronologically so inconsistent, one cannot avoid laughing hard.

Now, that particular episode could be discounted as a random one or scrapped as interpolation in all earnest, if a section of the TK crowd did not use it to slander Swami desikan (and in a consistent manner, lest one forgets)

This I guess is fair grounds to question the validity of certain cohorts within the school at large and their horrendous records/lines of argumentation.


For the uninitiated, PVP's avatAra kAla is 1167 (sarvajit) + 95 -> ~ 1262CE. Swami desikan's OTOH, is 1268CE.

Of course, taking into consideration the fact that 1227 is also sarvajit one could say that is the year and not 1167.

This however raises a problem elsewhere. kalivairidAsa nampiLLai lokAcArya's avatAra samApti is 1208CE and AccAnpiLLai's 24000 paDi ought to be earlier to this.

cf. maNavALamuni's record of "நம்பிள்ளை தம்முடைய நல்லருளா லேவியிட பின்பெரிய வாச்சான் பிள்ளையதனால்"

Getting to the valid dating of 1167, Swami desikan's avatAra would not have started by the time of AccAn piLLai's avatAra samApti.

As to how even brazen hollowness could defend that tall a claim, is up to the ones who peddle these.