Of Murphy, a rough derby, and some course corrections

Learning for the day - When shit hits the fan, it is bound to spray all around. Running in a frenzy is never a worthy solution however.

Had a disastrous event at work midway through the day. Guess gut is right once again; starting the day on some unknown uneasy note should have been noted.

This being the third week of me trying to put affairs in order (pun not intended), was a bit sceptical when it became the crux of discussions.

And Murphy did come calling promptly; ended up missing on the evening walk that generally tires me to some sane early sleep schedules lately.

But, some resistance has been built over the fortnight or so, I presume. Refused to let it bog down - notified the guys, worked it out in a surprisingly calm manner.

Most of it is sorted now, as the day wraps up, with small personal victories - didn't skip or cut short on the next meal like an earlier version would tend to, trying to sort things out and keep the schedule right in place.

At (many a?) times, a sense of calm wins more battles.