Of newer sails and an ocean that never fails

I arrive at the last three days of my resting schedules. So, it is time for an update.

My ~six year run with crisp wrapped up on NYE and the last month or so has been a hard one to both think about, and pen down.

As I told an acquaintance, the day we wrapped up, saw a lump that called its home my throat. Or, to the melodramatic me, was akin to a father (my gender, nothing otherwise) losing his kid.

But, as all good things that come to pass, painful indeed at separation, I don another hat.

Monday, I start the next leg of my journey in building for things that run at scale. A conscious decision, thanks to parents and acquaintance(doubling as therapist).

Decided to not take up a very senior role again, thanks to all the (unwarranted) earlier learnings.

In retrospect, this might turn out a mere lukewarm decision for all I know, but the trade-off was good enough to let go. The stagnant pain of last years was "parents at cross-hairs of environment's idiocy". This one, at the least, solves some parts of it, I hope.

The rigmarole aside, I join PubNinja as their Lead Backend engineer, come Monday. I hear a voice at the back, reminding of a certain history. Let me see where it heads thence. Newer problems ahead - some perfect alignment with some of my roadmaps, some that I give up for now.

Some more hopes then, about working on my mental health, personal life in general, and getting back to my love. I'd be glad if I could start writing poetry/philosophy like the days gone by, but as always, who knows? :)

The first of concerns remains the first of all, after all, the one that has got neglected for a decade now. Of course, that could be a note to not put myself down my priority list.

So, that's that, and with much plans ahead, I set sails again. Only, this time, as a sailor accustomed to the rough weathers, albeit tad tired and taking it slow. Does help after all, to go slow and enjoy the beauty around; an old sailor has not much to race against.