Of phased changes and fortuitous, freeform discussions

Late last evening, was discussing with a colleague who wanted to build small APIs. While looking at the pro-s and cons-s of choices like Sails and how some of them come with batteries included. Quite reminiscent of my earlier days with Django I should say, some of these features.

As the discussion got into specifics, I had mentioned about the HTTP framework I wrote for NodeJS. And, a line of code says more about things than an hour of talk, does it not? Natural progression then was trying to setup a minor REST-ful API using the framework. The primary focus to show how Express is completely open while the likes of Sails enforce a pattern. Some, not so hard bound, some quite otherwise.

While explaining my apps' structure in general, had mentioned about something else; bootstrapping. I use a bash script that does a good amount of heavy lifting in setting up a new Web/API project on top of the framework.

What I realized then, was that my script still does leave much to be desired. So, spent the last hour or so building it back up from scratch, only with some fixes and misses now.

Updated to add a basic route handler to reflect how the framework deals with named params. Tad different this one's flow, compared to express/others. Which reminds me that I should spend some time in documenting this framework more than it has now.

Add to that, some minor improvements with certain sensible defaults. Info like naming/versioning/author, test/app runners, are now added to package.json. Some progress there has also been offset by some minor pitfalls with the shell. Hope to fix them sometime over the weekend, if the lazybones me ever comes around to it.