Of uncharted waters turning lovely libations

To pick newer stuff that you've wanted to play with but were not able to, is quite a wonderful feel. Put mild, that was Day 2 in all.

I've wanted to get my feet wet with the ELK stack for some time now. 2.5 years, to be precise, from when I wanted to nail down certain bottlenecks with Tenreads' components.

At long last, things came about to fruition as I sat down today to get going with init tasks. At par with getting accustomed, lies identifying lapses (or trade-offs for political correctness). And nothing like adding a good profiling layer, to arrive at the latter.

What an earlier version of me shied away from, the current and the environment decide to take by horns. After all, when there is bandwidth for certain breathing gaps, why say no?

So, long story short, started picking up APM on Kibana for the next task on the plate - profiling. No doubt, a voice at the back of my head goes, "ah! if only there were bandwidth for this beauty earlier".