On newer ventures and long lost veneers

To put a long-winded story short, it has been quite a mix of a day, this one. From being active by 5 to welcome the first day of the new work despite lack of proper sleep, to wrapping it up talking about a good friend, hardly one that lacked action.

I do have a certain something against spaghetti code and the likes, but at times, those are good places to see how things evolved. Add to that, the insights into constraints in place, as a system took baby steps, so to speak. Where things get a bit messy is when one is completely alien to and is not privy to any of the above. Quite an interesting mental exercise imo.

And with that backdrop, spent most of the day setting things up before I could start diving into existing code bases - my gripes come calling as always. I do dread systems that work mostly on convention and no set in stone practices that are documented, but that's what one lives with for the time being, I presume. Quite reminiscent I would say, of our code base from late circa 2014; a necessary evil after all.

While all that inched to a point of closure, sat with someone for an interview; interesting duty on the first day I should say. What made it all the more interesting is the discussion about a good friend who leads things at the place the person I interviewed works. A good thing in that it reminds me I need to get in touch with people that I've missed out for a while now and more important, the need to diversify my stack. Not a bad wrap at all.

As a super tiring day wraps up, I tell myself, I hope to write a few paragraphs each day once I get home. After all, there ought to be enough each day to write about; or crib, as some might say.