On some odd, long lost concerns

பிள்ளையே (உரையே) இல்லாமல் இந்நாள் வரை மலடாகவே நின்றுவிட்டது.
தென்னாட்டவரைக் கருதி தெளிந்த தமிழிலும் திட்டமாக மொழிபெயர்த்துள்ளேன்.

Two rather troubling statemednts from vedAntavAvadUka villivalam nArAyaNAcAr swAmi, almost 40 years back. Both from an introductory note about his vyAkhyAna for swAmi deshikan's paramatabha~Ngam.

The first troubles me more than the latter for obvious reasons. SamskRRita and dramiDa vyAkhyAs aren't complete by the time swAmi attained AcAryan tiruvaDi. So at par.

When a samUha focuses a whole lot on "பிள்ளைகள்" of a different kind more than what defines their proud* identity, bound to. Some painful day, I presume it would all come crashing hard.

mukkUr AS wanted to give nArAyaNAcAr the paTTAm but swAmi adorned tirunADu. villivalam kRRiShNAmAcAr adorned the pITha as nArAyaNa yatIndra mahAdeshikan. He too attained AcAryan tiruvaDi too, as clock ticked 2013.

40 years and counting, to borrow from vAvadUka swAmi's words, we have a garbha of six months or so but no birth in sight. Wonder when that is ever bound to happen, if at all.

And that's why I find it a flagellation when I see pictures of piriyAviDai, swarna kavacha and what not. May be an arcane, lost in time mind's concerns that aren't in vogue for all one knows. Either way, the samUha rushes on the autobahn as some odd entities that have entered, walk in its byways.