On some pointers about counter narratives

Even cursory look at the lines of the bygone Trotsky, would provide a handful of pointers to say the least. Among others, enabling one to arrive at a justifiable, definitive, and rational understanding. An understanding in every sense of how active vanguards hijack concerns.

What Trotsky raises with the Socialist Soviet, applies to the newer secular vanguards. Extending on, their other modern counterparts, in spirit and more.

A succinct condensation of conditions, and of repeating history, would clear a lot of air.

Stalinism and fascism, in spite of a deep difference in social foundations, are symmetrical phenomena - Trotsky.

The fundamental failure here lies in not grasping the nature of usurpation[sic]. Flawed even at core, the Bolshevik narrative's hijack by Jughashvili [Stalin] is a can of worms. And that lies at the root of spin doctors' attempts to paint pictures, vying for a top spot beating a child's cheek.

That said, kids that have yet to read history in context, should excuse and exclude themselves. Heat of moments not withstanding, questions tend to arise of intent, a life ahead to sound all spent.