On the efficacy of tooling RoIs

Switches that go against the grain are in general tense, to say the least. Having stuck to a "build internal as much as possible", I can quite agree to the nature there.

Some six years back, when I first picked up Javascript at Pramati, JSPerf caught my attention. So much so the liking, I built something similar for Python. (here)

I've wanted to build over the first cut, with learning from both JSPerf and the cProfile module, but never came by.

Panning back, the last few months have taught a trick or two that add value from the other end of the table, so to speak. What first started with React/+Native, has extended into picking up Elastic APM.

As yesterday's change log goes, my first task at PubNinja has been to profile the current stack. After three days of playing around with setting things up and getting to know APM better, today was game day[sic].

The amount of convenience and information it gives has blown my mind, no second thoughts. A small price of minimal bandwidth is sure worth the returns, I'd say tonight.

So, what's a post of mine without rants, goes against the grain doesn't it? ;)

Let me add some then. The stack being NodeJS, I miss the beauty that context managers are, from Python. This but not native. Might write sth that works with minimal change to the stack, but the biggest gripe is scripts.

Don't get me wrong when I say burn repos without setup scripts. Having dealt with ones that run away from setup and results, I cannot advocate enough the need for one. After all, DX doesn't stop at building the best APIs possible but goes till deployment and further.

Given earlier nature of things and pace, reason enough to guess to tread light, add what's missing. And, don't have to surmise this, so to summarise, take a look at tools like APM if you live under a rock like I've.