Optimise, not to outside factors

Everyone optimises for one factor, or another in the scheme of things. What you optimise with a feverish pace, might not be another's last priority to say the least. What one of them optimises might not feature in your rung of the pyramid.

That's fine, never a thing for you to ponder, let alone respond to. Do yourself a favour, and if you can afford to, build walls of glass. Let observations of the other side exist from either direction, at best.

In a world of condescending Wonkas, self-preservation by avoidance is not mean. More so when it comes to financial/personal stability. When such constraints get oblivious, because it isn't a concern to a casual observer, move.

Minimal interactions to discuss qualms are fine. Remember, quality almost always trumps quantity when the former is a lack. It does, (from my shoes at the least), get tough, to not have people to talk to. Remember yet again, adding fuel to fire, doesn't do much good either.