Build your Resume; learn (La)Tex.

Something I picked up during grad school, fell in love with since is TeX. So much so, I used it for drafting philosophy rants/rebuttals. Naturally, it was the choice whenever I generated resumes. Imo, for a non-Mac person, best choice. A few months back, I had shared my resume with someone who was impressed by the layout which looked more like it borrowed from a publication than a resume, and the bread crumbs I had for links at the top, they mentioned was interesting.

I mentioned I'd created a framework-y template for this resume and put it up on my repo which I used, to generate my resume in a modular manner, sort of. A missing v1 feature imo was a web interface that would take away the need to install XeLaTeX. Depending on xelatex installs is a bit of a pain from experience, given the size (200M+). Plus the quandary of fonts. So, the web interface made all the more sense. I did have a minor Python web interface with Tornado web which I had lost, during a clean-up a month back.

So, sat with this a week back and wrote a minimal web interface to provide a starter template, embed the generated PDF as a server generated base64 string. In case you would be interested to take a look at it/try, it is available here. And, as with every v1 product/service, there do exist caveats with this one too, so let me point to them and invite ideas on what non-issues I am addressing or issues that I am not, yet.

  • The font - I chose Gentium Book Basic after trying a few others. Any other that isn't available in the box is bound to throw an error, for now if you change.

  • Variables - Mostly, variables/blocks/commands have been named to be explicit, but just in case.

  • Why I chose the tex template instead of a UI to generate the PDF. Since the first focus was developers/people who understand some amount of code and not a 'general consumer', the idea was to get them accustomed to TeX with such structured templates.

If you have thoughts on how it can be made to work for both, like say a switchable composer, open to suggestions