A bit of a hard refresh

After a brief hiatus with both writing down my thoughts and attempting to recover the old Ghost blog's contents, decided to leave things as is and move on. A certain something I'd do well to implement in life otherwise too.

As a Ctrl-F5 moment, decided to write something from scratch and used the NodeJS HTTP server I wrote a few months back along with a markdown to HTML converter to set this blog up. Given content here is rather simple in both nature and extent, this should do instead of the rather bloated Ghost install from the last time.

Of course, choosing to use MySQL to run as the datastore on a 1GB box was poor choice at my end that I can't pass on to Ghost, so that's a disclaimer towards that end too.

What does this 'system' do? With two simple limbs to speak, converts markdown ot post components that are embedded into a singular template HTML; a shell if one may. The home view, adds a small slug based linking at the titles automatically, while at it.

Nothing too fancy right now, but a simple one is what I need at best. So that cuts is just well.