Of first, quarters to millenia, and more

And thus, PR #1 goes in (well, #250 because aap chronology samjhiye). Silly stuff aside, made the first set of changes to the Pubninja code base today, as an independent module.

The good thing about the chronology now is an important discussion from last evening. From migrating the monolith to micro services and to what extent, to dev. disciplines.

What stands out in all, is as much daunting as it seems looking at the meta of it, there's acceptance and direction. So far, so very good I should presume, and hope it stays that way.

Another interesting side effect comes by today (we aren't Fns after all to be side effect free). Talking to a colleague who works on RNative and choices he has for an easy API framework, got restarted with my own. here.

Have not spent much time on the framework I wrote with two local branches sitting idle. Either with no change or untested in full, I have a plate with stuff already. Now I guess is also a good time to revisit things, and get the ball rolling.